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If Charles Dickens did erotica…

This is a great read, but you’ll need plenty of stamina for the 800 pages, and pace does bleed off somewhat in the middle.
The story is impeccably researched, set in the squalid london of dickens, plus the leafy suburbs of mid 19th century Notting Hill (very clever of the author). It is extremely well written in a literary style, but the language can be blue with lots of use of the C word and the sex scenes are pretty graphic with explicit mention of unmentionable acts.
The story is about a clever and ambitious prostiture, Sugar, who is taken as a mistress by the heir to a perfume empire. She becomes governess to his children, and you can see where the story is going to end up – except it doesn’t ! In fact the least satisfying thing about the whole book is the ending. There’s several sub-plots and characters out of 19th century literary romance like a batty wife, to give some variety and to sustain the story for its huge length.
If you’ve seen the adaptation on BBC then you’ve got a good sense of what to expect (except notch the sex up 200%), but the BBC series, good as it was, doesn’t come close to doing the book justice. If you can read the book before you watch the series.
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Do like Princess Diana did – a great writer’s tip

Do you remember how Princess Diana was transformed from a shy and faltering public speaker to the woman that captivated audiences (as well as cameras) worldwide?

Well, yes, you say, but what has that to do with writing, other than writing speeches.

Quite a lot it seems. I recently had the pleasure and the privilege of discussing my writing with Peter Settelen, the actor, author, and life coach who mentored Princess Diana in over 60 sessions to become a world class communicator.

Right now I’m going to share one gem among many from my chat with Peter. That is, to read your own writing back to yourself ALOUD. Or, maybe better, have someone else read it back to you. Does it sound natural, does it flow, or do you find you mind dwelling on a particular sound or word, that is pulling you out of the trance of the story? If so, it probably needs changing.

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(Peter Settelen’s book “From Private Voice to Public Speaker” is available as a paperback and ebook.)

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Sexy free book trailer video

How to describe a book in the least amount of words, because hopefully the movie does it better.

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Is traditional book publicity dead?

Read best selling ebook author John Locke (who i recommend), and you might think so. And the fact you’ve found your way to my blog tells me you are active in social media networking. So it’s easy to get caught up in the facebook/twitter bubble and think it’s the panacea to book sales.

Well, it might be. But i came across an article that gave me pause for thought. While there’s vested interest to protect (as always), it’s surprisingly balanced. Take a look.

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Does hot sex sell like hot cakes?


I’ve decided to test the theory that sex sells; or at least that you can give it away. Be amongst the first to peek inside the covers of my sizzling new novel. It’s every bit as hot and steamy as the cover suggests. “When the Siren Calls” drips with sexual tension from start to finish. 
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Happy reading

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How’s your grammar?

Who whom or whose? When to use its or it’s. Is there an apostrophe after St James’ Park? These are some of the mysteries of life, particularly to those of us with a common and garden education.

In fact the reason i’ve come to believe that learning a foreign language is so difficult for me is that i’m trying to master stuff i never properly understood in English.

So, what to do about it. Well, you could buy William Strunk’s great little book “Elements of Style”, and i’d certainly recommend that to anyone who’d like to speak or write better english. But if you’d just like to be drip fed regular writing tips, then sign up to

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